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Turtle Hatchery

Perfect for animal lovers, this place was built in the 80s to prevent extinction. Go and visit the turtle hatchery where transplanted eggs are hatched and the baby turtles are then released into the sea.

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National Parks

Yala National Park comprises of stunning landscapes along with over 200 species of birds and a large variety of mammals, you can see deer, wild boar, buffalo, mongoose, peacocks, crocodiles, leopards and elephants in to name a few. Yala is best known for its leopards and is probably one of the best places in the world to photograph them. We can arrange a safari visit for you.

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Whale Watching

Travel by boat out into the Indian Ocean for a few hours of sightseeing. To give yourself the best chance of sighting whales, take a tour between December and March. Keep your eyes peeled to witness massive blue whales and sperm whales. You should also look out for dolphins and maybe some sea turtles. We can arrange a boat tour for you.

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Sri Lanka is a paradise for Bird watching. There are about 25 endemic birds and many migrant bird species in places like Bundala, Kumana, Wilpathu, Sinharaja, Udawatha Kale and Bellanwila Santuaries. Kalametiya bird sanctuary are worth a see.

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Relax on the beach, with its white sand, scenery somewhat untouched and quiet beaches, it is breathtaking. Some refer to this place as a tropical paradise. Or if you feel like doing something a bit more athletic, take a leisurely swim in the transparent waters, go surfing or take a walk.

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